Monday, 27 February 2017

Life With A Dog

Hi everyone!

As I briefly mentioned a while back, I have a puppy called Riley. He's a pug cross and he's the best thing that could've happened to us. He's completely turned our lives upside down and I wouldn't change a thing. Yesterday he turned 8 months old so I thought I'd celebrate by sharing the things I've learned since we got him...

1. You can't take unconditional love for granted
Where else in your life are you going to find someone who loves you no matter what? We constantly trip over him because he's always running under our feet and no matter how many times we trip over and catch his foot he still loves us no matter what.

2. Always appreciate a good nap
As he's still a puppy, he sleeps A LOT. He's asleep next to me as I type right now. He's such an angel. With the hours I have to work, I am always tired and we love sharing a good nap together. It's especially cute to just watch him nap though.

3. You will get a lot more exercise
No matter the weather, your dog needs to go on a walk. Mon-Fri Richard takes him out no matter what before work. If I'm off, we like to go on long walks with Emily and her Springer Max. Riley doesn't require a lot of walking because he's so small but he loves chasing after Max across a field.

4. You have your own little guard dog!
Right now we're working on his barking. He barks at EVERYTHING! He barks if someones phone rings, he barks at the door, he barks at the oven timer, he barks if someone walks past the living room window. He even barks if someones phone rings on the tv. But he's still so cute!

5. You will appreciate the countryside a lot more
Taking RIley out in the countryside makes me so happy. It's the perfect time to help clear my head.

6. You will spend so much money
Wherever I go, if I see treats that he'd like or toys, I buy them. My house has been completely taken over by dog toys but I can't help myself! Making him happy makes me so happy.

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