Monday, 14 December 2015

Quick Update

Hi everyone. I've been gone for what feels like forever for various reasons. However, the one I wanted to talk about is the fact that I've had my kidney transplant!!!! On 18th November I had one of my mums kidneys put inside me giving me a grand total of 3. We're both recovering really well but there have been a lot of appointments for me whilst they get my medication levels right, as they always have a lot of tweaking in the early stages as every one is different. Today they also said that I can drive again if I feel up to it so as soon as I finish typing this I'm going straight out in my car! He's been staring at me through my mums living room window making me sad for weeks but today is the day! 

Another quick thing I wanted to update you on is that in October I left my apprenticeship and went back to McDonalds, which means that I should in theory be able to write more posts as I tend to get the really early shifts where I'm home by 3, giving me a good 2 and a half hours until Richard is home, and freeing up my weekends to spend time with him! 

I have another month off work, then it'll be reviewed to see if I'm ready to go back, and then that'll be on a phased return due to the nature of my work, so I'm going to try and get as many posts done as possible in that time, and also keep a few back ups for when I get busy. However I'm typing this on my iPad right now as my laptop is being incredibly temperamental at the mo, as it is over 3 years old so some may not be brilliant or very long as this is quite difficult, even with my tiny keyboard.

I'm going to do a longer post very soon about kidney transplant, sharing what it's like from both living donor and recipient points of view, as organ donation is a huge topic in the UK right now. The number of people donating organs after death (due to not being on the organ donor register/family refusing or not knowing their relatives wishes) has fallen for the first time in over a decade. I just feel it is so important to be on the register, and not because I myself have been on that list waiting for a call day and night to say they have a match for me, but before I even got poorly myself I was on the register. I've always had the mind set of if you're willing to receive in order to save your own or another family members or friends life, you should be willing to give as well, in order to save others yourself.

Anyway I'll be back very soon with some Christmassy posts

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