Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Primark Haul October 2015

Hi everyone! Long time no see.... again!! I'm back with quite a large Primark haul. I went shopping for a few things I needed and I just went a little bit mad in there, although I'm not sure what I'll keep yet as I haven't tried it all on yet.

 These are pretty much the only things I needed. I will be having my kidney transplant soon so I'll need to wear these sorts of nighties when I'm recovering so my pyjamas don't rub against my wound.

 These gym trousers are amazing, purely because I will be able to put my phone in the pocket when I'm at the gym, as at the moment I struggle with where to keep it!

 This was one of the things that I really didn't need to buy, but I just had to! I love Christmas and I love bulldogs and I'm so excited to wear this over Christmas, and it was only £10.
 I've been after an oversized checked shirt for a while, and I've finally found one that I love!
 I bought this A-line skirt because I've been after one for a while, although I would like a denim one next! I may return it though as I'm still not sure if I like the shape of it on me and the way it fits.

 I bought these to wear with the skirt above. They look really small but they actually fit really well and they're very comfy!
 These gloves are the cutest. I picked them up for the cold mornings, as I've been starting at 6 most mornings recently. They were £2.50

 This is similar to the other tops in that it's ribbed and a turtle neck, however, it is oversized, and has batwing shorter sleeves.
 This is one of the comfiest cardigans ever! It's so warm and cosy, and has a hood as well!
 I needed some more boots as all mine are really old and falling to bits but these were the only ones I remotely liked the look of that they had in at the moment.
 I know this is supposed to be a Halloween necklace, but it is just the cutest thing! I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it.

 I went to Tiger to have a look round and picked up these tealights, as I know we will be doing pumpkins soon for Halloween! It's a pack of 100 and it was only £3 which is a complete bargain.

 I picked up these Halloween tealight holders from Poundland, as they are so cute and I can't wait to have them lit with my pumpkins for Halloween!
 I also picked these up from Poundland as I'm thinking about doing some baking for work!
 That's everything I've picked up recently. I hope you enjoyed this haul and I'll be back again very soon!!

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