Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hi guys, be prepared for a very long post with lots of pictures...
The last weekend in August, Richard and I traveled down to Cornwall for the week with my family. This won't be as interesting as some peoples holidays as when we go away we like to go for walks and just have some down time so we don't really get up to too much.

We all now drive fairly small cars so I drove down in mine, and my mum drove down in hers with my Stepdad and Sister. We left straight after work on the Friday and stopped over night in Bristol as it was the furthest I've ever driven. We left Bristol at 7am and were in Cornwall before 10 and went for breakfast in St Austell before continuing to Mevagissey where we were staying.
 This is the apartment we were staying in, two minutes away from the harbour, right next door to the fudge shop!


 The view of the harbour at Mevagissey from the top of the hill.

 This was the best Cheese and Onion Pasty I've ever tasted.

 My Mum, Sister and I on the boat to Fowey on my Mum's birthday

 Veggie burger at The Harbour Tavern in Mevagissey! Everyone should eat there they serve seriously incredible food! The pizza was amazing, as well.

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