Thursday, 24 September 2015

Slimming World Staple Meals:Fajitas

Hi everyone! I've decided to start a little series of my Slimming World staple meals. Since I've moved into my own place, I've been cooking a lot more different meals so I'm going to share my favourite recipes with you all! The first one I'm going to share is my Chicken Fajitas. I made a chicken one and a quorn one when I had my family round the other week, as both my Dad and I are vegetarian. 

-3 chicken breasts chopped/1 bag of quorn
-1 carton of passata
-Shwartz Fajita spice mix (free)
- 1/2 yellow pepper
-1/2 red pepper
-1 bag of potatoes
-Shwartz Cajun spice mix (free)
-Wraps or your choice OR the leaves from a Sweet Gem Lettuce

-Cut the potatoes, leaving the skins on, into wedge shapes.
-Rinse off and pat dry before placing into the Actifry (if you don't have an Actifry, par boil the potatoes before placing them on an oven tray)
-Spray with Frylight, before coating them with Cajun spice.
-Turn on the Actifry and cook for 25-30 mins, or place in the oven for this length of time.
-Spray a pan with Frylight, and place the chicken in
-Coat the chicken in Fajita mix and fry off until the chicken is almost cooked
-Add the peppers, chopped into long strips, and fry off for a few minutes
-Add the passata and bring to the boil
-Serve up how you want and enjoy :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Makeup Collection

Hi everyone! Today I've decided to share my makeup with you. It's not big in comparison to others but it's more than enough for me so be prepared for a long post, grab a cup of tea.

 Here's my dressing table, where I keep it all. I received this for Christmas from my Mum, and it was from a little furniture shop in Nottinhgam where they refurbish old furniture.
 This is the drawer where I keep it all! The rest of the dressing table holds other things such as nail varnishes, hair stuff and my medication. The organiser is a cutlery tray from B&M Bargains that I paid about £2.99 for, I think I may have featured it in a haul a while back.
 I'm going to start with bases, these are two samples of Benefit Pore Fessional. I don't really bother with primer as my skin is quite dry so I don't really need it, so I don't really have any opinion on this.
 Next up is the Vichy BB Cream. I received these samples in a Glossybox a few months ago and I haven't actually tried them yet.
 The Revlon Photoready Foundation is one I used to use religiously, but then I realised it was slightly sparkly and I haven't used it since.
 A classic from when I was younger, I thought I'd try it out again a few months ago as I used to love the coverage I got from these types of Foundations and it really isn't the same as I remember.
 A while back I went on a shopping spree to Asda to try out their makeup range and this is one of the products I tried out. It's a very light coverage and it's nice for summer days, but I do prefer a much heavier coverage.
 My most favourite foundation of all time is the Collection Lasting Perfection. I've been wearing it since I was 15 and I still love it!
 Another favourite, a very close second is the Rimmel Match Perfection. It's a lighter coverage but I can't wear this one at the moment as it's too pale for me (I've actually caught the sun slightly this summer!)
 My favourite powder and the only one I bother with is the Collection Lasting Perfection. I hardly wear powder because of my dry skin, but I wear it on nights out and my makeup stays put all night.
 As you can see I have a slight obsession with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have two shades on the go at the moment, and I always make sure I have at least a few spares.
 These three I don't enjoy as much, are an MUA one, an ASDA one, and a Revolution one. I do like these ones, they are okay to use but they're definitely not thick enough for me and don't offer enough coverage.
Next up are my brow products. On the left is the Natural Collection eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut, although I don't use this at the moment due to the fact my hair is so dark at the moment. The one on the right is the Beauty UK Brow Kit, and I'm using the medium brown shade mixed with the darker one to match my hair.
 I don't own many high quality eyeshadows, as I don't see the point. This pallet is from Claire's and only cost me £8 half price.
 Next is the Sleek Storm pallet. I don't really use this anymore, however, as you can see I've used nearly all of the brown shade on the bottom.
 This MUA pallet is definitely the best one out of them all. It's the Undressed pallet and I think these shades are going to be perfect for Autumn time. I especially like Shade 6 (top right)
 I never use this Primark pallet. The only thing I think it's good for is the mirror, as it's the perfect size for applying my eyeliner. The colour payoff is pretty shoddy with this and you definitely get what you pay for.
 My favourite pallet is the original Naked pallet. This is most definitely my most reached for out of all of them, and I don't know what I did without it.
 I don't know what happened to my eyeliner pictures, but the ones I own are the Poundland liquid liner, the Primark liquid liner which is incredible, it doesn't budge ALL day and the Benefit Push Up Liner, which I've really really tried to get along with but I just can't. The only mascaras I now own are the Poundland one, which I thought I'd try, the MANNA mascara primer, and the Benefit They're Real mascara, which is my all time favourite.
 The bronzers I own are the Honolulu by W7, which is an amazing dupe for the Benefit Hoola, which I have a full size of and a sample size.
 I don't own many blushes, I already have fairly red cheeks, but the ones I do have are (left to right) Poundland blush, the Benefit Bene Tint, and this one from an unknown brand that came in a Glossybox.
 I am awful at applying highlighter, however, when I do I use the Benefit High Beam.
 Onto lipsticks, and the first is this bright pink from Poundland, which I bought to use as part of my Boy George costume for an 80s party I went to.
 Next is this Poundland bright orange lipstick. I was surprised by just how good this lipstick is for the price, it is honestly one of the nicest lipsticks I've used.
 This one was bought back when I thought crazy makeup was cool. It's a Barry M lipstick and turns pink when you apply it, and at the time I thought that was the best thing ever, although people look at you like a weirdo when you get out a green lipstick.
 A couple of winters ago, this was my staple lipstick, along with the one below. It's a very deep red on the lips and looks quite vampy.
 This one from Loreal is actually meant for blondes but it worked so well when I had black hair a few years ago. It is quite a bright red colour.
 This is another cheaper one, from Natural Collection and I love the colour! The only problem I have with these is that they ALWAYS snap, no matter what.
 I bought this one from Tesco a while back and I love the colour but hate the finish. It's a really nice nude that suits my skin tone, but I prefer my lipsticks to  be slightly more matt.
 The only thing that lets this Primark one is that it smells like Play Dough.
 Another ASDA product is this one, it's matt and it is way too pale for my skin tone lately.
 A slightly darker one from ASDA is this one, I really like this one, it wears well even though it isn't matt and suits my skin tone much better.

 This is a fairly new lipstick in my collection, it's from Kiko and it's a matt orange colour. I bought it on my birthday, as I've been big on the orange recently, but it shows all the imperfections on your lips as it's really dry.
 My all time favourite lip colour is the Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move. This is my everyday nude colour and I love it so much, it doesn't wear off at all, once it's on it's staying put all day, and it's such a wearable colour. I honestly couldn't rave about this anymore. I haven't tried any others from this collection as I don't want to be disappointed, as I'd have such high hopes after trying this one.
 The colour of this wet to matt liquid lipstick from MUA is incredible, however, I've found that as it's so dry it just flakes off after you apply it so I haven't really bothered with this much. Even when you're not eating or drinking it still flakes.
 This Primark liquid lipstick is the worst thing I've ever put on my lips. It is sticky and completely washes me out and not at all what I was expecting it to be. I expected it to be like all the other liquid lipsticks I'd tried, but it was awful.
 And finally, the Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic. This has an amazing colour and an amazing finish. It does wear off pretty easily, however, it is so easy to apply it doesn't really matter

 So that's all my makeup! I told you it wasn't too much. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you all again soon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Makeup Favourites

 Hi everyone, today I thought I'd share with you all the makeup products I'm currently loving. Because I start work so early, I don't usually wear a lot of makeup (usually just concealer, eyebrows and mascara, and occasionally liquid eyeliner) but when I do, there are products that I always go to. 

There are two foundations I always go to, this one, the Rimmel Match Perfection, and Collection Lasting Perfection. Collection Lasting Perfection is a long standing favourite of mine, however this is swiftly become my favourite.

 My favourite concealer of all time is Collection Lasting Perfection, probably everyones favourite and go to. I've tried so many others from various brands and nothing could ever compare for me in regards to coverage without paying through the roof.
 Apologies for the blurry photo, I just couldn't get a decent photo no matter what I tried (one of those days I think). But these are my three favourite eyeshadow colours to wear, they're from the original Naked pallet and they blend so nicely and wear really well throughout the day.
 Before I tried this eyeliner, I was using various felt tip liners. But my life was changed when I tried this eyeliner from Primark. It's a lot trickier to apply than a felt tip liner so it does require slightly more skill but if you get it right, it is not coming off all day long!

 This is a fairly new addition to my collection, but I got it in the August Glossybox. It's a mascara primer by MANNA and it has completely changed my lashes when I apply mascara. I thought that They're Real was good enough without a primer, but with it it's just revolutionary.
 They're Real is the only mascara I'll use now. I used to use combinations of various mascaras but since I jumped on the bandwagon with this mascara my lashes are completely different.
 On the opposite end of the spectrum, is this Poundland lipstick in Orange. I've been really enjoying wearing orange recently, I feel it really brightens up my skin, and this one, although its a moisture lipstick, if you blot it after applying it goes quite matt and lasts a really long time and wears well.

 Another amazing orange lipstick is this one from Kiko. I LOVE this colour, but it is very matt so shows up all the flaws on your lips, so you definitely need a good lip scrub beforehand.
 Another bright lip product I've been loving is the Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic. It can be very hard to wear, but get the makeup and outfit right and it can look absolutely incredible
Another product from my Glossybox is this lip balm. It is so moisturising and feels lovely on the lips. I apply it before bed so that when I wake up in the morning my lips are so smooth and ready for the day.

So this is everything I have been loving recently makeup wise. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again soon!