Monday, 13 July 2015

Pugfest Birmingham

Hi all, two posts in one night?? I thought I should do this post before it became complete irrelevant...

On the 20th June Richard and I went to Pugfest. If you haven’t heard of it, why not?! It’s incredible. It’s basically a day where you can take your pug/pug cross and meet lots of other pugs and owners, or if you’re like me and pugs just fill you with complete overwhelming happiness, go and spend the day surrounded by hundreds of pugs. They hold them around the country but the one we went to was at Birmingham at The Pavilion.
I thought the outside part of the venue was fabulous, there was lots of open field for people to relax and the dogs to run around play, but the entrance to the inside was very narrow which made it very difficult to navigate.
On to the day itself, we arrived about 12:30pm and were amazed by just how busy it was! We thought it might be quite popular but it was more than I’d ever imagined. There were easily 2000 people and most people had pugs with them. There were stalls selling dog food, beds, clothing etc and also an ice cream van and a food stand. Throughout the day there were little events for the dogs, such as the pug race and the show. The categories were Best Girl, Best Boy, Best Cross, Best Pug, Best Rescue and Best Overall. There were some seriously cute dogs there, and most of them were dressed up in cute little outfits. My favourite were definitely the three Minion pugs (I love Minions they’re just so funny and cute and if you haven’t seen the new film then what are you doing with your life?) Entry was only £3 each (pugs go free) and it’s 5 hours long and if you love dogs or if you have a pug then it is most definitely worth going for. The next one is in Cardiff on 16th August and this one is at an indoor dog walking park.
It’s a really fun day out, and I highly suggest it to anyone (provided you like dogs, of course)

 Let me know if you went along or if you're going to the one in Leicester on 25th October, I'll be there!! See you soon

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