Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fashion Haul!!

I am officially the worlds' worst blogger! It has been 20 days since I uploaded anything. But I am back, I broke my spending ban and picked up a few pieces that I am very happy with. Everything in this haul is from Asda and Primark, because I am still poor, as Richard and I paid our deposit a few weeks ago!!

 First up in Primark, I picked up these flip flops for £1. They are quite easily the most boring things in the world but I wanted them for when I go swimming to wear up until I get in the pool so I don't have to stand on the gross floor anymore!
 These shoes are quite possibly the loves of my life! They are so shiny and garish they are fabulous! They were only £12 and they are super comfortable.
 I picked up this black kimono, which was also from Primark, for £8. It's just plain back with cut out flower detail and it is so pretty!
 I walked into Asda and spotted these and I just needed them. Even better, they were £8 in the sale!!! They are a red with a blue flower pattern, then blue trim down the sides and I just love them, although I'm not quite sure how to style them.
 This jumpsuit is most definitely the most comfortable thing I have ever owned. It was £8 from Primark and is just a black cotton material, which nips you in at the waist and has little ties with gold details on, and it honestly feels like you're wearing pyjamas, but it is acceptable to wear it outside!
 Last summer I practically lived in maxi skirts, so I decided it was time to invest in a black one. This one was £10 from Primark and I can't wait to wear it!
 This dress is what I originally went into Asda for, after my mum bought one. I think it was £10 and it is just a black and white midi dress made in t-shirt material, and it will be so easy to dress up or down!
 I didn't actually buy this top myself. My mum bought it for herself and it was slightly too big, however, as I am bigger than her in the breast area since she lost weight, it fits me perfectly! It's from Asda, and was £10, and it is every so slightly cropped with a crochet trim on the bottom and it looks great with a pair of high waisted jeans and cardigan!
 And finally from Primark I picked up three plain men's t-shirts, as I find the fit a lot nicer. I always find women's to be too restrictive, and these were only £2.50 each and they'll go great tucked into my maxi skirts or my growing collection of patterned trousers in the summer!

I am so excited for summer, the sun has been out this weekend and it just makes me so excited! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really am going to try harder from now on, time just seems to be slipping away so fast and I honestly do not know where these past 20 days have gone! My next post should be a lifestyle post about what I got up to this weekend, and I have some very bad pictures taken in the toilets at a pub of my jumpsuit, as I didn't get any good ones during the day!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all again soon!

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