Sunday, 18 January 2015

Huge Haul!

I haven't blogged in two whole weeks!! I don't know how it happened, I have been very busy with work and college and life, and to be honest I've spent a lot of time asleep, as I have been SUPER tired! However, I am back and I have a huge haul to make up for my absence. This is an accumulation of things I have bought over the last three(ish) weeks!

The first few things are from Home Bargains. My mum has just decorated my bedroom so I picked up a few bits to go in it!

 The first three things are pretty self explanatory, so I won't do an explanation/description, however, the cutlery holder is for my makeup drawer to separate all my makeup out!
The next place is Primark! I didn't buy everything in one trip, I have been two or three times recently, which is really bad considering I was supposed to be on a spending ban!
 I went through a phase about two years ago where I lived in oversized mens vintage flannel shirts. They were so comfy and these two reminded me of those, but are slightly more girly with the pinks and reds running through them! They are also slightly shorter in the front, making them a more feminine shape and are really nice to wear on those lazy days (which I seem to be having A LOT of lately!) They were also only £5 each in the sale.
 This jumper is perfection! Last year I bought a different Despicable Me jumper 4 sizes too big from Amazon which was stupidly priced at £25, but there were literally no others around, and now you can't get away from it! I picked this one up for £10 and it's so cosy and I just love wearing it to lounge around in the house when it's cold!

 Sticking with jumpers, I have three more! The first two, I already have in other colours! I wear them pretty much every day with leggings, ankle boots and a nice necklace, and I now have it in green, peach, grey and lilac! The third one I think will be going back, as when I got home I decided I didn't like it, as it really isn't very flattering, and it is way too oversized! I bought a medium and I am a 14/16, and it swamps me, so I think I'll be going back into town next weekend to return this one! All three were £10 each!

 A lot of the clothes I have bought recently are work suited, as I work in an office, and I was running out of ideas! The first top was £9 I think, and it is really comfortable and easy to wear, and the second one is half jumper, half top and it is really comfortable and looks really nice with my jeggings from New Look (which have belt loops, it's a revelation!) and this was £10
 I picked up some new vests tops because you can never have too many, especially when it's cold outside! These are £1.80 each and super comfortable and stretchy! The only thing is I wanted long ones and I accidentally picked up a shorter white one

 I have always been a fan of Primark dresses, and they've done me proud yet again! This was £10 and it's quite stretchy, bodycon material, but it's a really flattering shape and so easy to dress up or down!
 These boots were a steal at £12!!! They have really good grip and are so comfortable and cosy because they have a furry lining and they'll be perfect when the snow hits again soon (which is inevitable as it always seems to snow in February or March here)
 I also picked up some new leggings because I can never have too many! I normally go for the multipack from New Look, but I thought I'd pick these ones up to put under those ones when it's really cold, as it's going to be -7 tonight apparently!!
 Also from Primark I bought this really cute travel mug so I can take a cup of tea on the go with me! This was in the sale for £1.50 I believe.
 From Claire's Accessories I bought this phone case! I have the iPhone 5C, and for some reason, phone cases are really hard to get your hands on for this phone unless you buy from Amazon or Ebay, and I never see any I like, so when I found this one I grabbed it! It was a bit pricey at £8 but it's really pretty and my phone will not break now when I drop it (and that's a when, not if!)
 The last thing I bought from Primark was the Christmas penguin nails reduced to 50p! I am going to save these for next Christmas! I saw them and I was like well I need to get them, just in case they don't do them again next year! And to get two for the price you'd normally get one is just a bargain, considering they are so cheap anyway!

 All three of these bath bombs are from Poundland! I'm not sure if you can still get the Gingerbread Man, however if you can get your hands on one, seriously do! It smells SO good and it's huge, so you could definitely split it and use it for more than one bath! The other two are also lovely, and are 2 for £1 at the moment, however, my Poundland didn't have many left the other day so I'd get your hands on them while you can!

 These three Lush items do not count as me breaking my spending ban, as I bought them using my gift card I received from my grandparents! I got a £25 voucher, and I bought 7 things for £15 the other week in the sale, however, I used all of them before I got chance to take the photos, but I got Butter Bear, Dashing Santa, and So White, amongst others last time. This time I used the last of my voucher and got Dragon's Egg (which I used this evening, and wasn't as impressive as people make out), Space Girl, which I get every time, and The Comforter, which is one I also buy pretty much every time I go in! I'm gutted I didn't get to try any more of the Christmas range this year, however when I managed to get there, it was all the sale stuff after Christmas, and every time I tried to get in before the store was just way too busy! Our Nottingham store is way too small, the queue takes up all the room!

 The final two things I bought were some Nail Varnishes! I did buy others, but it was just a black and a clear coat, as both had ran out! However, I picked up the Rita Ora Pop Art by Rimmel, and the Salon Pro red colour, which is absolutely stunning and I'm wearing it right now! I normally make a complete mess of red, however, this time I applied it perfectly and I'm really happy with the colour!

That's everything for this post and I promise to try and get more up very very soon! I think Wednesday I am going to write quite a few back ups and save them as drafts, so I can just quickly upload from my phone if I know I'm super busy again!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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