Sunday, 4 January 2015

Big Flicks & Bold Lips

Lately, even though I now have a Naked palette, I have mainly just been doing a simple winged eyeliner, with a bold lip. I think the main reason I haven't been using it often is because it just feels so special, and knowing me I'll drop it and destroy it in some way! The lip products that have most been reached for the last few weeks is the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 024 Red Diva, paired with the MUA LUXE London Liquid Lipstick in Reckless! It's not called a liquid lipstick, but the product doesn't have a name on the packaging, and that is how I would describe it! It creates a very matte, very dry lip, and it is very drying! Throughout the day, I do have to re-apply, and also use a lot of lip balm! However, the colour pay off is incredible, and for £3 it is a really great lip product. For eyeliner, I used my trusty old Soap & Glory Supercat Felt Tip Liner, and masacara is Benefit They're Real!
 Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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