Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas!

As promised, I'm back with what I got for Christmas! This isn't everything I received, and I am in no way bragging about what I received! I like reading these posts, and watching these youtube videos so I thought I'd also participate, as well.

 The first thing I want to show you is from my Mum, and it is this enormous bedspread! It is kingsize and has a different design on each side and it is so cute and cosy, and I believe this was from BHS. It will also make an excellent background for blog photos!
 Next is all the jewellery I received! I don't normally receive jewellery, but this year I received the necklace on the left from Richard, as well as the ring, and the other two items are from my mum and I've worn them all together!

I have one question, and that is, is it possible to fall in love with an eyeshadow palette? I've never been a big eyeshadow wearer, however, this has changed it all! I asked for this one specifically from my dad, as we all know the original of something is always the best, and it is also the palette I knew I'd get the Tmost wear out of! It is so stunning and the eyeshadows blend beautifully!

My mum bought me Vera Wang Pink Princess, and the Katy Perry perfume! The Vera Wang has always been my everyday perfume, and I receive at least one every birthday or Christmas! I love the bottle as well, it's so sparkly! My dad also bought me Honey by Marc Jacobs. I am slowly working my way through all the Marc Jacobs perfumes, trying to choose a favourite, but it's just so difficult, they're all stunning!

Because Cerys has just started her first job, she's gone a bit mad with the Christmas presents this year, so the two of us are going to see While She Sleeps in Birmingham on her birthday! Which, of course, means me driving (booooo) and she also bought me a Soap & Glory Body Butter set!
 I only received two CDs this year, which is weird for me, but there wasn't anything else I REALLY wanted that I didn't already have or Richard didn't have! However, we do now both own Beartooth, but he only asked for it because it was in the top 10 of the best albums of the year in Rock Sound (he collects them every year)

My dad bought me two Benefit gift sets, plus the full size They're Real mascara, so now I basically have two full sized mascaras, and it has very quickly become my favourite! This set also comes with Hoola bronzer, which I'm also really liking, High Beam, and other bits. To go with all the makeup I asked for, my dad also bought me almost the full collection of the Real Techniques brushes, so my makeup brush pot is finally starting to fill up!

I received two nail varnish sets this year, which is something I love receiving, especially now I can have painted nails for work! At the moment I do have false nails on, so once I take them off, I will try the polishes and potentially review each set!
 As everyone who knows me well will know, I am obsessed with drinking tea, and with singing every single song from the Frozen soundtrack, so my mum bought me a frozen mug! I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to take it into work or keep it at home, as I currently have my Despicable Me mug at work (the obsession for Despicable Me is even more than Frozen, but not quite as much as pugs!)
Speaking of pugs, Richard's parents bought me this adorable pug cosmetics bag, as well as wrapping up some little Sanctuary goodies inside, which was lovely of them!
 Another obsession of mine is The Nightmare Before Christmas (I could watch it any time of year) Every year I receive something TNBC! I've had all sorts over the years, especially when I was younger and in my emo phase! This year my mum picked up these nail files from the pound shop, and I believe they are still available, and what she didn't know is that I'd also picked up the Jack Skellington mirror to go with these the other week!
Richard's Grandparents bought me this lovely keyring with my name on it, as well as a coaster with my name on! It's so sweet of them, as I've never even met them! The keyring came at the right time, as well, as mine, which was a photo of Richard and I on our first proper date, broke a few weeks ago, so there was nothing separating my front door key from the keys for his flat, and they're all pretty much identical!
The last thing I am going to show you is my new jacket! It is fake leather and I chose it myself from Matalan! I was going to buy it myself, as it was reduced a few weeks before Christmas, however, when I picked it up, mum decided to buy it me and put it away for Christmas!

I did also have a vintage dressing table from my mum, as well as lots of other bits and pieces, however this post is already incredibly long so I won't show it all, and I want to do a whole post on the dressing table when I have organised it how I want it! I am so grateful for everything I received and for the time I got to spend with all my family!

I should also have a little haul coming up very soon, as I went shopping in the sales (although I only bought 1 item actually in the sales in the end) today, so that should be up within a few days!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to see you again soon!

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