Friday, 26 December 2014

Family Time!

My sister and I split our time between our Mum's and Dad's this year for Christmas! We usually alternate each year, however this year we had Christmas dinner with Mum on Christmas Eve, and woke up at Mum's on Christmas Day, then went round to Dad's in the afternoon for dinner and stayed over. The biggest advantage of your parents no longer being together is that you get two sets of presents for birthdays and Christmas (this has been the case for us for about 13? years) Usually I am the first one out of me and my sister to wake up (that's everyday, not just Christmas) however, this year she beat me to it and she woke me up for a change! I woke up at about 8:45 and we went downstairs to open all our presents (I will be doing a What I Got For Christmas once I've had a chance to take the photos, as this is the first time I've sat down, as I'm writing these million posts) and we were well and truly spoilt and lucky! We had crumpets for breakfast and got ready for the day slowly.

About 1 we headed over to Dad's and had Christmas dinner before opening our presents, where we were again spoilt rotten (I'm not giving anything away you'll have to read my next post to see what I received) We had naps on the sofa and ate sweets and chocolate before heading off to my Aunty's to see all my cousins and Grandparents! I love seeing children at Christmas because they get so excited!

 Present pile from my Mum and her side of the family!

 My Christmas Day outfit is the same dress as I wore for Richard's birthday meal last weekend (Primark, £10) my Radley watch, black tights and New Look cut out T-bar shoes (sale £9)

 Cerys waiting for her Christmas dinner!

 All the cousins and the Grandparents! From the left: Grandad Les, me, Cerys, Ellis, Mamar Eileen, Kiah and on the bottom: Myla, Livvy and Remy-Mae.

On Boxing Day Mum was having everyone round so I went home so I could get the opportunity to see the baby in the family, Toby! He's so chunky and cute, and after we took him out on his little bike where he just chilled whilst he was being pushed around he fell fast asleep on me for over half an hour! (I really want a baby right now and I tell Richard on a daily basis). He's not even 6 months old yet but he's such a big baby and he has the most beautiful smile!

 This last photo of him doesn't even look like the same baby, but how cute is he! I get to see him on Sunday, as well, as we are all going out for a carvery!

My What I Got For Christmas Post will probably be up either tomorrow or Sunday (it's 9:32pm here as I'm writing this and it's been snowing so I want to go out and play!) 

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again next time!

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