Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas/Craft Haul

I went a bit crazy in Tesco and B&M Bargains this week in the craft section when we were looking for cheap decorations for Richard's flat, so I thought I'd share them all! There's also a cheeky Christmas jumper thrown in too! I haven't blogged in 5 days and it feels bizarre to have been away so long!

The first thing is this adorable tiny little fibre optic Christmas tree from Poundland! It's battery operated and has red fibre optics all the way up and it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen!

 Next is this tiny Christmas tree from Tesco. It's a real tree and it's glittery and comes in the most adorable pot and it was only £3 so I'm thinking about getting another in the gold pot to replace the next one I have to show you.
Next is the one I'm thinking of replacing! Ignore the pot I need to re-pot it if I do decide to keep it, but I spotted this one first when me and Richard were shopping in Nottingham and it was from the 99p store (I spotted it through the window on the way back to the car park and just HAD to have it!)
 I bought some new fairy lights from Primark in the shape of stars. They come with 20 on a string for £3 which is a pretty good deal and their very bright! Before I saw these I'd picked up some others for £6 which only had 15 on but they went right back! 

Onto the crafts, I bought basically everything cute and Christmassy I could find from Tesco! I have a design a Christmas Card kit, some foam stars, trees and Santas, some essentials to help me make everything, a lot of card and some really cute Christmassy paper chains! I'm so excited to get creative, I'm tempted to write all my blog posts now for the rest of the month so I can spend all my nights just doing crafts! I keep meaning to get back into crochet, as well, and actually learn to do it properly, as I can only do a straight line, and I've only ever made a blanket, which was actually quite fun in all honesty, and very relaxing

And finally for this post is THE best Christmas jumper in the entire world! It's got French Bulldogs in Christmas hats on it! I saw it in Sainsbury's about three weeks ago and didn't buy it, but then they had 25% off all clothing last week so I just had to get it! At £13.50 it was just a steal and I couldn't resist. I've worn it twice already and I think I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow, because it's the sort of jumper that's not too obvious and over the top so I could definitely get away with it! I did have to upsize in this to a 16 because they are quite small, and I wanted it to be a little loose fitting.

So that is everything I have bought recently, thanks for reading and I hope you come back soon.

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