Friday, 26 December 2014

Becoming a Princess

 I have spoken before about having a weave, and I decided it was about time mine made a return, as you will have seen in my last post! If you don't know what a weave is, it is where rows of your hair are cainrowed (plaited tight to the head) and wefts of hair are then sewn to them! The first time I had a weave in April 2014, my hair was quite long but incredibly thin, and we could only use half a pack of the hair extensions! This time, my hair has become so thick from having a weave (as you don't style your own hair, so it stays healthy) that we used two whole packs of hair, which is insane! If you don't already follow her on Instagram, you really should (HAIRBYJESSICAX) she's incredible and her transformations are just insane! She's also such a sweet person and she's literally the only person I'll let touch my hair! You can see what an incredible job she did on my hair, and it is so easy to style! The middle photo was taken a week before my weave (3 weeks ago) and the two at the sides were taken the day after (just under 2 weeks ago). I love it so much, and honestly, once you have a weave I don't think you'd go back! Yes it does hurt a little at first, as it is very tight, but after the first day the pain is barely noticeable and after a few days it's gone completely! (and it is SO worth it). It costs £40 for Jess to weave the hair, if you provide the hair yourself, and if you choose to have Beautyworks hair, it can cost from £130 upwards, with a free consultation! If you have short hair, or thin hair, and want a more semi permanent solution that doesn't rip your hair out (I've tried bonds, trust me, they do, no matter what people say) then I say go for it! It lasts between a month to two months and it makes such a pleasant change from clip-ins! I had some clip-ins recently between appointments and it was so much worse than I remember, I could never do it long term again! I clipped hair extensions in most days for 5 years and honestly this is the best alternative I have tried!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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