Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Christmassy Weekend..

First off I would like to apologise for the amount of Christmassy blog posts recently, and they won't all be Christmas related this month, but there will be a lot of them, as I have some very good ideas for Christmas and non-Christmas posts. 

This weekend Richard and I went into Nottingham on the Saturday and finished off all our Christmas shopping, after he'd been to have his hair cut and his eyes tested. (He needs glasses even though he was adamant he didn't hahahahaha) Nottingham was lovely and so Christmassy and cute, although the market was nowhere near as good as Birminghams. I'm not sure if I judge other McDonalds employees because I've worked there or they are just really rude in Nottingham, but we went in one in town and I had a tea, and Richard had a hot chocolate, and the girl who served us was really rude! We were in Nottingham for about 4 hours and it was pitch black when we left about 5pm. I also bought a dress for Richard's birthday meal which is on the 20th, so I think I'll save the dress until then to show you all, and do a whole post about his birthday!

Then I finished off my wrapping in the evening, and did all of Richards because he has a broken hand so he can't really do much (although I did it last year, too and he tried to pass it off as his own and no one believed him) whilst watching Scary Movie and eating Veggie Eric The Elephants (Sainsbury's sweets). It was such a lovely day, although it was absolutely freezing, and I didn't take too many photos. We also put up his Christmas tree, which was free from my mum because she decided she wanted a new one! 

On the Sunday we woke up about 11am!! I haven't slept in that late in forever, so we got up and went shopping with his flatmate, Andy, for more decorations for the flat and spent about an hour looking for paper chains, and as you saw in my last post I went a bit crazy in the craft aisle of Tesco! When we got back Andy was in charge of decorations and Richard watched Aldershot on the TV (they drew so if they win the replay they'll be playing Nottingham Forest which I am so excited about but he'll be mardy for weeks if we win!!) and at half time we tried to make Minion biscuits, which proved to be very difficult with no mixing bowl or baking tray or roller. I'm going to have to buy him some proper cooking equipment, I'm sick of pasta and jacket potato! 

When I arrived back home about 4, mum had put up our Christmas trees without me and they just look so cute! I also finished wrapping all of Richard's presents, because obviously I couldn't wrap them in front of him! Everything I have bought him is a complete surprise this year!

It was such a lovely weekend and I can't wait for next weekend! I'm not sure what we have planned yet but I still keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it's all just been a dream, and I'll have to go back to working Sundays. 

 The failed Minion biscuits!
 Nottingham looking all cute!
 Me in my cute little Christmas jumper!
 Richard in the cafe having lunch!

 Richard's Christmas tree!
 Andy's amazing artistic talents!
 The fireplace at home looks so cute!

 The tree in the living room!
  Mums' amazing Sunday dinner! I have sausage because I'm vegetarian (they're Quorn)

That's it for this post, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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