Monday, 24 November 2014

What's In My Bag?

I'm going a bit crazy with the blog posts lately, but I've been missing it big time! I got home from work and thought "hmmm what can I post about tonight?" and I thought I'll do a What's In My Bag post. I will warn you though, my bag is incredibly boring and 99% of things in it are work related.

So this is my bag. It was in my haul post yesterday. It's from Primark and it was £10 which is such a bargain for such a nicely made bag! It's got 2 spinny clasp fastening(?) and a long shoulder strap and is really light and such a nice size for everyday use.
This is what the inside looks like with all my junk in it! As you can see I carry way too much stuff around with me for it to be good for my back.
The first thing in my bag is my folder. This is for my portfolio as I am currently doing a business admin apprenticeship, so everything I do at work goes in this as evidence towards my qualification.

The next thing is my water bottle. Very important of course! I've been really trying to up my water intake recently, and it seems to be helping with my weight loss and my skin!
Next up is my super cute notebook from Tesco. I think it was about £6 and it is such a nice little book to carry around in case you want to quickly jot something down!

Sticking on the stationary route, I have my filofax, which I also bought from Tesco. I bought it in the Spring and it was reduced from £20 to £14 and it is literally the only way I can stay organised!
More organisation, I have my cute little pencil case, also from Tesco, and this was about 50p reduced! It's so adorable and fits just enough pens in it for work.

Next I have my purse in case I need to nip to the shop. I NEVER carry cash with me though so it looks really empty. I literally pay for everything on card, I hate having loads of change.

Obviously my inhaler is very important so I don't die. I hardly ever need it in anymore but I carry it everywhere just in case!

And finally, I have two lip products! On the left is the Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move, and on the right is my Derma Original lip balm which is so nourishing and          smooth!

So that is everything that is in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thanks for reading. Hopefully now I will be back for good!

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