Sunday, 23 November 2014

Clothing Haul

This is my first blog post in a long long time. I have tried to post more recently, however I have always had issues where I haven't been able to upload photos to my blog but I finally fixed it so I thought I'd show you what I bought! All these clothes are from Tesco, New Look and Primark within the last month and I know you can still buy them in store. Okay so I am very sorry about the awful photos but I am very out of practise at this! I will be working hard to improve the frequency and quality of my posts, as well as the quality of my photos.

First up is my favourite item I have. It is these shoes from New Look, they are £22.99 and come half way up your foot with little cutouts and a buckle. I know their not very practical when it's raining but I just love them so much and they are so comfortable! I actually didn't buy these for myself though, they were a gift from my boyfriend, as he promised me them if I got the job, which I did!
 The next item I have is this bag from Primark! It was £10 and I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it's such good quality for Primark and there are a lot of details within the bag. It has a little handle on top and a long shoulder strap, with a little twisty clasp to open and close it. I would have preferred it to have gold detailing but we can't have everything we want can we, and I thought it was a bargain.
 Carrying on with Primark, we have this huuuuuuge cardigan. It has grey, black and white flecks and it is very oversized. It is oversized anyway and I upsized as well to make it super cosy. It has pockets on the sides as well so it's very practical and it was £12.
 Moving on to New Look, I have this yellow top I bought about a month ago in the sale. I saw it in my tiny local store and I needed it and the only sizes they had were an 8 or 18 so I went with the 18 and it is too big but I'm just going with it and I wear it a lot! I might take it in so it's more fitted though, as it isn't very flattering at the moment.
 Okay I had been after these trousers from Tesco for a long long time, but as I have been doing Slimming World, I didn't want to spend money on a pair of trousers that wouldn't fit me in a month or two. So I waited until I was into a size 14 and then they went in the sale, so they were reduced from £18 to £12. They are a little too tight still because of the side fastening, but I know that in a few weeks time they'll fit perfectly and I will be wearing them pretty much everyday!
 I am very into my checks and tartan print lately, and this top from New Look caught my eye straight away. It is part of a co-ord with a skirt, however I don't think co-ords suit me, so I just bought the top. I think it was £14.99 and it's a kind of brushed cotton material and I just love the colours.
 Next up I have this basic top from Primark for £1.80. I bought two purple, one black and one white and their so soft and just nice for every day wear and I often wear them to bed, as well, and everyone needs basic t-shirts in their wardrobe!

 I know this picture is awful but I just wanted to get a post up while my photos were uploading, so I have this black and white checked top from Primark which was £8. It is cropped, however I will be wearing it with high waisted trousers as I am definitely not into showing off my midriff!
 Next I have this lovely top from New Look. It was £14.99 and it is white with a gold zip on the back and it has a bumpy/ridged design on it, which can be quite itchy on your arms if I'm being honest so I like to wear a little cardigan with it.
 Staying with New Look, I have these black and white trousers, with a kind of flowery pattern on them. They have a front fastening and are ankle skimming and I find them so flattering! They are such good quality and were quite cheap at £19.99. I will say, however, you do have to iron them, which would be alright but I am incredibly lazy!
 Another pair of trousers is these black jeggings from Primark. They are £7 and wash so well! I would suggest washing them before you wear them because they can be quite tight at first. I have about 10 pairs of these now in various colours and they are so comfy and look so nice with a nice top and some little boots!
 The final item I have is these trousers from Tesco. They have an elasticated waist and ankles so they are tight on the ankle, but are quite baggy on the leg. They have little pockets on the sides and they feel like you're wearing your pyjamas but it's acceptable to wear them out so it's a win win really!
 So that is everything! I hope you enjoyed this post! It isn't the best post in the world, I know I have massive room for improvement and I hope if you're reading this you'll come back for more! Thanks for reading!

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