Thursday, 3 July 2014

Get To Know Me

I know I recently did a get to know me post, but I found one with much better questions so I thought I'd do that too.

Vital Stats:
Name: Danielle Leisa Collins
Nicknames: I don't really have any. My boyfriend calls me Princess when I'm being demanding
Birthday: 1st July
Place of birth: Nottingham
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Fast food worker

Hair colour- Dark brown
Hair length- Mid length/long 
Eye colour- Hazel brown
Best feature- Small nose
Braces: Nope, I wish I'd been allowed to have them, though
Piercings: Just my lobes, used to have my nose, septum and hips pierced but taken them all out and they've all healed
Tattoos: None :( by the time I decided I wanted one and knew what I wanted I couldn't have one because I got ill and was put on immune suppressents
Righty or lefty: Righty

Best friend: Naomi 
Award: Probably Star Of The Week in school
Sport: Netball
Real holiday: If 'real' means abroad then Ibiza when I was 5/6
Concert: Summer XS 

Film: Despicable Me/ Despicable Me 2
TV show: Hollyoaks
Colour: Green
Song: It changes all the time, but at the moment it's All Signs Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember
Restaurant: I don't have a favourite restaurant but my favourite pub (they also do food) is The Beekeeper because they do alcohol free Koppabeurg and Becks Blue
Store: Primark
Book: Spider Sheperd series
Magazine: Kerrang or Company
Shoes: My Birkenstocks I got for my birthday 

Feeling: Tired
Single or taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Listening To: My Chemical Romance
Thinking about: Getting breakfast after this
Watching: Nothing but I'm going to catch up with TOWIE while I eat breakfast
Wearing: 101 Dalmations pjs

Want children? Yes but I don't want to have them myself. I know how bad that sounds but my body has been through enough at such a young age and I don't know if I'd be able to have them anyway, which is why I've made the decision that if me and my partner, whether it be who I'm with now or someone else, you never know, decide to have children, then we will look into adoption.
Want to be married? Richard's already told me he wants to marry me one day. So I've told him he has to wait another 5 years before he even thinks about asking
Careers in mind: Absolutely no clue what I want to do
Where do you want to live: I will definitely stay in Nottingham because they have such a good renal unit who have really looked after me, and I wouldn't want to move away and have to start from scratch with new doctors and nurses

Do you believe in:
God: No
Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No, I believe in lust at first sight. A lot of people confuse love and lusts
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: Yes, we can't be the only ones out there
Soul mates: Maybe
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: Depends how long you've known the person previously, like blind date then definitely not, but if you were friends first then maybe
Yourself: Sometimes

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