Tuesday, 1 July 2014

50 facts about me

As it's my birthday and I'm now tired after having a lovely day with my mum and sister getting our nails done, and I STILL can't get pictures to upload I have decided to do 50 facts about me, which I've been writing over the last few days (it's really hard to think of so many things to say).

1. My favourite colour is green. I own a green car which my boyfriend INSISTS is blue (it's green, says so in the log book)
2. I am absolutely awful at making blogposts but I'm trying so hard to get better and make them more frequent.
3. I work at McDonald's and have done for 3 years and 3 months exactly.
4. I have stage 5 kidney failure, which I have spoken about in a previous post, cause by a rare auto immune condition called wegener's granulamatosis vasculitis.
5. I am currently on the kidney transplant list.
6. I can crochet, but I can never do anything straight.
7. I have a super kingsize bed
8. The quickest I have ever done a sudoku is 57 seconds (crazy, I know)
9. In total I take 11 tablets on a normal day
10. I have a weave, and it's the best hair decision I've ever made
11. My favourite pen is the Parker pen I received for being employee of the month in January (along with a keyring, new badge, certificate and a £10 lovetoshop voucher)
12. My favourite TV show is Bones
13. I'm not allowed to drink Coke or any other brown soft drink
14. My little sister is named after Cerys Matthews, the singer from the band Catatonia (my dad was obsessed)
15. If I was a boy I would've been called Myles
16. I managed to go 2 years without burning myself at work until last week
17. I never realised how hard it would be to think of 50 facts
18. My favourite books are the Spider Sheperd series and the Jack Reacher series
19. I can leave my hair for 5 days without washing it
20. I love to do nail art but often can't because of work
21. My favourite films are Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2
22. I once went into work with the same makeup on as the day before
23. My favourite drink is Yorkshire tea
24. I have a wardrobe full of clothes but have nothing to wear
25. I want to be Zoey Deschanel more than anything in this world
26. People are always surprised by my music taste
27. My favourite bands are Lower Than Atlantis, A Day To Remember, My Chemical Romance and Of Mice And Men
28. My mum is my hero
29. I tried A levels but absolutely hated it
30. Poundland and Primark are my favourite shops
31. I have two rabbits called Cabbage and Socks
32. I have the thinnest hair in the world, which is why I have a weave
33. My most special piece of jewellery is either my Pandora bracelet or Radley watch
34. I have never owned any high end makeup
35. My boyfriend is currently living with me
36. I have absolutely no clue what I want to do with my life and I'm actually okay with that
37. My best friend was the year below me in school even though she's only a month younger and was born in August
38. I find it hard to say no to people and have to find excuses for my no, even if it's just because of tiredness
39. I currently have 2 TV's because my boyfriends here
40. I'm a very untidy person
41. My favourite perfume is, and always be Nina Ricci
42. I have a shower every morning and a bath most evenings
43. I own too many shoes yet received 3 pairs for my birthday
44. I have a bunny rabbit night light
45. Collection Last Perfection is my favourite foundation ever
46. I've been wearing eyeliner since I was about 13 and I still find it hard to do it perfect)
47. I bought a filofax to look organised and important but don't actually having anything to go in it other than the occasional hospital appointment
48. I haven't missed an episode of Hollyoaks in at least 2 years
49. I still have my first baby dress and teddy called Tiger
50. I have candles just to look pretty, but I never really light them.

So there we go, 50 random facts about me. I'll be surprised if anyone actually makes it to the end if anyone bothers to read this, seeing as I nearly didn't make it to the end of writing it! Speak to you all next time

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