Monday, 3 February 2014

Thinking about what you say

Today I am going to talk about thinking about what you say before you say it. I wanted to discuss this because of something that happened to me a few days ago that really bothered me. I was at work on my break, and someone commented on how thin my hair was, which is something I am very very aware of already, and very self conscious about. I went on to explain why my hair has become so thin, which I shouldn't have had to do as I thought everyone at work already knew my situation (which I am going to talk about in my next blog post).

However, after I explained, and said how I normally have my hair extensions in but I hadn't had time to put them in that morning as I was running late, this person then went on to say that I should make sure I put them in next time cos it looked horrible. It was downright rude and very nasty to say, and it really upset me. You don't go around telling people they need to lose weight cos it disgusts you, or that they need to put on weight, and I know I certainly never would.

It brought home to me just how horrible people can be, when someone who you think is your friend can say something like that to you. People need to learn to be a lot more considerate and be careful what they say to people, because what you say can stick with someone for a long long time.

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