Tuesday, 14 January 2014

An introduction

Hi guys,
 This is my first ever blog post so I thought I'd do an introduction of myself. My name is Danielle Collins, I am 19 years of age, and I work at McDonald's (fabulous job, I know).

Last February (2013) I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 5, and had to leave the fashion course I was on at college due to being in and out of hospital, however I will do a blog post on my condition in the future.

My main interests are fashion, beauty, drawing and photography. I also spend a lot of time reading, watching youtube videos and reading beauty blogs. I am keeping this blog post quite short as I am rather unwell today and it is my first post, however I hope you enjoy future posts and I'll be trying to post once a week on a Monday from now on, and occassionally I'll do an additional post too.

Thanks for reading.
Lots of love.

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